12 Things

Happy Friday! Lately I’m been binge reading Amber Fillerups blog and I love the super random “12 Things”. I’m not sure if its a blogger thing or if she created it, either way, I wanted to start doing these maybe once a week!? 12 Things is exactly what it sounds like, just 12 simple things thats on my mind! So here goes 🙂


  1. There’s currently people over to fix our fence that blew over from the hurricane and it’s soooo loud!
  2. I just made my first order from Thredup last week and I’m waiting for that package to come today so I can film an unboxing/first experience review.
  3. I’m considering cutting about 10in. of hair! Since the loreal colorista hair dye FAIL, and after bleaching and toning so much, my ends are destroyed and the color is so off! I really recommend NOT using the Loreal Colorista dye. For a “wash out dye”, after 30+ shampoos I was left with gross green hair; so I toned it red to cancel out the green (did this twice!) and then dyed it brown to go back to my roots. But now the green is coming back and its so frustrating! I think I need to just start fresh and cut my hair off! If I do, I’ll definitely get hair extensions from barefootblondehair.com I’ve been trying to grow my hair for 2 years now and I’m not ready to go back to short hair! If you have’t seen the videos where I talk about how the Loreal Colorista ruined my hair watch it here and here.
  4. Just started watching “stranger things” on Netflix last night… and it’s so good!
  5. We’ve started house hunting! We expect to move early next summer and were hoping to have a house by April!! 🙂
  6. I’ve been eating waffles with berries on top almost everyday! Got the bulk pack from Costco (never go shopping while hungry!)
  7. I’ve been wearing this wifey sweater as much as I possibly could (I live in south Florida so theres rare opportunities) I love it! It’s so cute and so soft.
  8. I’ve been using the GlamGlow YouthCleanser twice daily for about a week now and I really love it! I think it really works wonders and also it smells amazing! Whats even more amazing is that I found it at marshals for $20 (retail price $32)
  9. I love watching documentaries about travel and food! Surprised?
  10. I started editing my instagram photos using Lightroom presets to try to start a “theme”!
  11. Social media is draining sometimes! ahaha
  12. My last one is…. that this was harder than I thought! My head is in a million places at once so narrowing it to just 12…. haha try it!

Have a great weekend! 🙂