After Hurricane Irma

It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Irma came and went, and although we got power back within 20 hours of losing it, I’ve been having problems with wifi and constantly having people over to work on the back fence, the roof, and fixing the A/C. Last year we experience Hurricane Matthew and I vlogged the entire experience. Click here to watch that video!

The hurricane shutters were up, the kayaks were strapped down, bags were packed and gas tanks were full. We had full intentions of evacuating like the rest of south Florida, but because my husband is active duty military–we couldn’t just leave. We kept waiting for the evac orders to come, but they never did. We were watching the news and seeing how the traffic was backed up, stores were out of water, gas stations dried up… we figured that even if we got the evac orders, we would stay behind and ride it out anyways.

We had plenty of water (had to search numerous stores to find 5 gallon jugs) and some can foods. Goober (our dog) had an antler to entertain him, plenty of food, and two doggy parents to cuddle him when he got scared!

We lost power pretty early in the morning, I remember I just finished making coffee and sat down to start eating breakfast when the power started to surge, not long before turning off completely. Luckily with the storm, it had cooled the roof and the sun was hidden so we didn’t start to feel the heat until later in the evening. We spent the day playing board games by candlelight and standing in the carport watching the trees bend with the strong winds.

It was definitely worse than the normal storm, but we were far enough from the coast that we didn’t have to worry about flooding. Our only concern was the surrounding trees. Trees all around the neighborhood was being stripped of branches of uprooted completely.

I vlogged the Hurricane Irma experience too, you can watch it here.

Here are some photos from the neighborhood and around the nearest town. Roads to the beach and into Miami were closed off and I couldn’t get access there even if I had lived there. However, I did hear on the radio and news that the sand from the beach covered the streets and parts of Miami had about 3 feet of water.