Camera Equipment

I’m currently on the hunt for better camera equipment, I really want to get the best quality possible. Hopefully within the next year I can add a drone, 4K camera, and a DSLR stabilizer! But here are the items I currently use for photos and videos.

I have two main cameras:

  1. NIKON D3200
  2. SONY A5000 (I have the white version–just because I thought it was cuter!)

The Nikon D3200 is my DSLR that I use mostly for photos. It shoots in 1080p which is good quality for HD, but it doesn’t have a flip up screen which is necessary for filming by myself so I can make sure that the shot is in focus etc. I also use the kit lens, which isn’t amazing, but it isn’t bad either. I’m still working on teaching myself how to use the manual settings, but I would consider it to be a good beginner camera.

The Sony a5000 is my filming and blogging camera. It’s small and light but packs a punch. For a small mirrorless camera, I love how you can change lenses, as well as it shoots in 1080p like my DSLR. One con to this camera is the picture quality. It take awesome photos, but as long as you don’t blow it up to a bigger size than 5×7. The megapixels are less than my Nikon. I would say I use this camera more than the DSLR just for the size and quality of video. I highly recommend this camera!



I use the GoPro hero 3+ silver edition for both photos and videos. My husband and I purchased this before I started youtube/blogging, so the best quality wasn’t high on our list of needs. We purchased the cheapest version but it still does a good job. However, I eventually want to upgrade to the GoPro hero 5 for the view screen, 4K quality and its already waterproof.


I recently purchased the feiyu tech 3 axis gimbal and I love it. It’s super easy to use, fits all GoPro sizes except the 5th…or course! UGH. It’s really easy for walking around and getting stabilized shots. If you’re not sure what a gimbal is, check out this video. I have the older version, they JUST came out with a new waterproof version that fits the GoPro hero 4 and 5.


For the times that I’m filming at home making youtube videos I need good lighting. My house has tinted windows so sometimes it feels like I’m living in a dark dungeon. I use two umbrella lights that came in a pack from amazon. They’re affordable, and very handy–even for non filming needs.


Other accessories I use:

Takstar mic for DSLR: Cheap but good quality for the price!

GoPro waterproof housing

Tripod– good size for traveling, relatively lightweight, and decently heavy duty considering the affordable price.

I edit videos using iMovie on the newest MacBook Pro .



I’m going to include my wishlist so you can get ideas if you want to have upgraded versions of what I use! I’ve spent way too many hours watching videos, reading reviews, etc. These are amazing items that, although I don’t own them, think they are amazing pieces.

Canon 5d Mark iii  Great for photos

Canon 1d Mark ii The beast… great for everything but it’s $$$

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Great mirrorless camera that shoots 4K

Sony a6300 Great mirrorless camera that shoots 4K

Dji Mavic Drone that shoots in 4K and is small, great for travel

Zhiyun Tech gimbal Affordable version of the Dji Ronin, great for mirrorless/DSLR camera

GoPro Hero 5 black