Costa Rica

Pacuare Lodge Resort

My husband and I flew from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica which was only about a two hour flight. Once we landed, we took a taxi to the Park Inn Hotel. The taxi driver barely spoke english and we barely spoke spanish, but it was super easy and stress free!

I highly recommend printing out your entire itinerary so you can have easy access to addresses and make some notes.  I researched prior to arriving the approx price to take a 20 min taxi ride,  so I knew that it should be about $23 US dollars. I also recommend you do this, just so you don’t get taken advantage of!

I would definitely recommend staying at the Park Inn, our room was massive, it had prime location, and a restaurant/bar downstair; all for a really good price! Check out this video to see a room tour!

We spent one day walking around the downtown area of San Jose, and then the next day was when our trip REALLY began!

We booked 4 days/3nights at the Pacuare Lodge in the canopy suite! Yes, it was expensive…yes it was the honeymoon suite…but YES it was worth it! My husband and I are extreme home bodies on a normal occasion, but when we travel, our motto is basically YOLO!


We were picked up by a shuttle at our hotel around 630am and went on a three hour bus ride through the countryside and small towns, then stopped to get breakfast (all included) with a view!


After breakfast it was another thirty minutes or so until we got to Pacuare River, known for their white water rafting! Yea—we rafted to our hotel! You can either opt for the river or the road when you arrive and depart, again, it’s all included in the price with Pacuare Lodge Resort! The beginning part of the river was easy, only class 2 and 3 and lasted about 3 hours. Our tour guide was awesome, and we were lucky that we only had a total of 5 people in the raft! If you’re think, “what did you do with your luggage?”…well giant dry bags were supplied, and they were put on a separate raft right behind us! You’re only allowed one bag per person, anything else you could leave at a hotel or they will put it in lockers at their warehouse which you will get on your last day.


Once we arrived at the beautiful lodge, we were greeted by friendly staff and fruity drinks! Our original plans were to do a canyoning tour  but the staff recommended relaxing on that first day and instead doing canyoning and ziplining the following day. We took their recommendation, but didn’t know what else to do the rest of the day. It wasn’t until the evening of our third day that we realized there was a waterfall 400 meters away from our room! Check out this video, to see the waterfall!

There’s plenty to do at this resort whether you want to do spa treatments and relax or do the full on adventure package like my husband and I! We did the canyonerring tour, ziplining, and a 14km hike through the rainforest.

If you decide to do the 14km hike, all I have to say is that it was BARELY a trail…it was a slip-n-slide of non stop mud straight up and straight down a mountain through the forest on a deer path. It was not a typical hike. But here is the waterfall that you get to see.


On our last day we rafted to another shuttle bus. We ended up packing our bags around 930am and started the class 3 and 4 rapids around 10am.

I haven’t uploaded that vlog yet, but make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel to see when its up! HAHA I was ejected from the raft TWICE! But to be fair…both times were on class 4 rapids, we were sitting in the front, and we had a total of 7 people in our raft so it was more crowded!

This rafting trip lasted about 4 hours and we ended near their warehouse (if you have extra’ll be here) There’s somewhere to change privately and outdoor showers to rinse off. They also supply lunch; and then you get on another shuttle, through the most beautiful views of the mountains and dropped off at your hotel in San Jose.

We got to our hotel around 6pm and basically got food and relaxed and headed to the airport the next day.

We weren’t heading home however—we were going to do a roadtrip through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico! Subscribe to my blog and youtube channel to see that blog post once it’s up.

But until then…here’s some more pictures!


Pacuare Lodge had amazing food!