Glacier 3000


WOW! I can not believe I forgot to post basically half of our Switzerland trip?! I was going through past blog post to re-do some photos (my transition to self hosting my blog apparently didn’t go as smoothly as I had thought!) and I realized that I was missing so many places we went to! If you’re subscribed to my youtube channel than you already saw this day and how badly I got sunburnt! If you haven’t seen that video click here.

My husband and I continued our Switzerland road trip by leaving the beautiful town of Brienz to drive about an hour away to Glacier 3000. The peak to peak bridge is what put it on the map! It was such a beautiful spot and I highly recommend checking this place out if you can. You feel like you’re on top of the world with an amazing view of other famous mountains of the Swiss. Alps.

We were able to get on the first Gondola ride to the top along with a BUS FULL of other tourist. We assumed everyone would first stop at the peak to peak and then wander around– so we “raced” them to the bridge… well that wasn’t necessary! I don’t know where a bus full of people could hide but we had the bridge to ourselves for almost an hour! Theres so much to do at Glacier 3000 and we ended up staying for quite a while. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen before heading to the top! I was simply lazy- I had already packed it away and didn’t feel like digging it out, but man do I regret that! A combination of the sun, the snow glare, and the wind–yeah, protect your face!


After Glacier 3000 we drove up to Thun to spend the night. We stayed at the Hotel Ristorante Stella Del Largo, and we had a beautiful view of Lake Thun. I wish I had taken more photos of the room but I think I was physically and mentally tired and burnt! haha but it was a great spot.