Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is located approx. 1 hour south of Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula. If you’re a Pinterest addict, then this place is for you. The cute little beach town explodes with bohemian inspired decor and a healthy lifestyle with yoga and vegan restaurants lining the streets. It was one of my favorite places my husband and I visited based off looks–but price, not so much! A simple beach hat that would normally cost $20 USD was priced at $100 USD. Yes, I said US dollar… this town excepts major credit cards but also prefers American money. There are ATMS every few feet but be careful what the currency says. My husband and I made the mistake of assuming that because we were in Mexico, we would get pesos out of the ATM…NOPE! We thought we were going to get 400 pesos (approx. $20 USD) , but instead  we got $400 USD! We were soooo pissed haha, luckily everywhere takes that currency and then you can just exchange left overs at the airport–but still, what the heck?!



  1. The entire town is walkable
  2. Pay for parking EVERYWHERE
  3. Expect US prices for shopping and food
  4. Lots of tourist
  5. Be cautious of ATM currency
  6. Showers are salt water
  7. Stores open late and close VERY early, even restaurants were closed by 10pm



We stayed at Airbnbs our entire stay in Mexico, and we spent two days in Tulum. If you want $40 off your next stay at ANY Airbnb, use this link. We stayed at a super cute place for only $35/night and I recommend the same spot any other day EXCEPT THURSDAY! The only reason I say that is because this place is right next the night club of Tulum. The owners were kind enough to warn us and even give us a chance to change our minds before accepting our booking, but when we heard “bar party” we thought of loud music that would end around midnight. Boy were we wrong! The music was painfully loud, I swear the building was vibrating with the music; and the music, wasn’t typical Mexican music–it was the most annoying sounds with people screaming and…moaning? It was weird…

But if you want to see videos of what my husband and I did in Tulum, and a room tour of where we stayed click here.



If you’ve seen the swinging chairs sitting at a bar pictures on pinterest then you probably were looking at pictures of Ziggys Beach Bar. This place was so relaxing and the food was so good that we had to eat here TWICE, and we love food, and love eating at different places, but this place is a must! Tables in the sand, facing the ocean, great food– perfect spot for lunch or dinner (dinner time there are Christmas lights and a bonfire)

Other photos from Tulum 😁 Hope you guys are having a great day! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see photos from my travel quicker!