Visiting a wonder

I read mixed reviews on visiting Chichen Itza; I heard that it’s overly touristy but at the same time worth seeing. My opinion? Worth it.

My husband and I had a rental car during our time in Mexico, so we got to the entrance before opening. Chichen Itza opens at 8am, and we got there about 7:30am and already there was a line of cars. I thought for sure no tour buses would be there just yet–wrong!

Despite there being a line before opening, Chichen Itza didn’t start getting REALLY crowded until about 10am, which was really surprising. We got plenty of time to take photos without a crowd of people in the background. So I recommend arriving early if you want crowd-less photos.

My main thing the I did NOT like about Chichen Itza, was all the vendors! The place was covered with tables of cheap touristy souvenirs and sellers who kept trying to sell you things. I understand that they need to make a living but it’s still an archeological site, and I felt like it really took away the “wonder of the world” feeling.

As for the pyramid, it’s stunning. My husband and I went to multiple ruins in Mexico, and this one was definitely worth seeing. There’s not just the one main pyramid to see here, a lot is never mentioned but the entire area is massive; we spent 3 hours walking around seeing everything. There are ball courts, other pyramids, cenotes, etc. I would recommend that you have comfy walking shoes and sunscreen if you plan on being there a while.

Other helpful hints:

  1. pay for parking cost $1.50 USD
  2. buy tickets there, not online
  3. have passport when buying tickets so you don’t have to get out of line and run back to the car
  4. souvenirs cost more here than out in town, save your money

Hope everyone is having a great day, please check out my youtube channel! If you want to see my Chichen Itza video, click here.