Washington to California

Hwy 101 roadtrip!

My now husband and I took this trip back when we were just dating. We were still stationed together in the military so our relationship was in secret, so this week long road trip was a blessing!
The long drive started off in Burien, WA where we were both living in government leased housing. We set off on our journey including our tent and sleeping bags. First stop of the trip was La Push, WA where we hiked a mile through the trees and made camp on the beach. Sounds nicer than what it actually was, it was freezing and rocky; but scenic and beautiful. If you’re a Twilight fan, you might want to make your way up to that area of Washington since that’s where a portion of it was filmed.
Second camp spot was in the Hoh Rainforest; yes, Washington has a rainforest, and it was awesome! Our tent was shaded by moss covered trees with a river close by. If you’re into hiking and sightseeing, then the northwest will certainly interest you.
The rest of the trip consisted of horseback riding and ATV riding at the dunes in Florence, Oregon and trekking around Mt. St. Helens. Don’t let the lack of active activities deter you, as long as you stay on the coast following Hwy 101, you’re going to be in for a non stop scenic drive along the coast.
We ended that trip at home in Burien about a week later. It wasn’t for a few months later that we continued the drive south. Yet again, we started off in Burien, WA (approx. 15 mins south of Seattle) and drove the interstate south towards california until we reached Highway 1. Highway 1 is a continuation of Hwy 101. It follows the coast and winds through adorable small towns until it finally ends on the US-Mexico border. We didn’t drive to Mexico on account that due to military orders, we were needed somewhere else. We ended the road trip in San Francisco, California; a city I wasn’t expecting to love so much. My husband and I are NOT city people, we’d much rather look at the mountains in the wilderness, but there was something about San Francisco that was unique. If you’re ever in the area, a MUST EAT place is the Eagle Cafe, located down near the pier. Try the crab cakes! We’re also the type of people who doesn’t order the same thing twice, let alone go to the same restaurant more than once on vacation; but their crab cakes are seriously amazing!