Cliff Walk at Grindlewald

Day three of the Swiss road trip. We drove from Luzern to our Airbnb in Brienz. On the way to our place, we stopped by the Aare Gorge and checked it out. We got there right when they opened (at 8:30am) I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest but didn’t put too much thought into what to expect. It was surprisingly amazing, the gorge went on for what seemed like forever, we probably spent close to 3 hours wondering around.

Original plans were to drive to the Trift bridge and hike a bit, but unfortunately it was closed. We made the best of the day by driving to Grindlewald and Lauterbrunnen after checking in to the cutest Airbnb ever. Not so much the interior, but the street….uhhhhhhh beautiful! Heres the link if you’re interest in staying here too. This was pure luck that we happened to be on one of the most iconic streets in Switzerland for adorable-ness! I like looking for places on Airbnb because usually its cheaper than hotels. If you want $40 off your next stay click here.

We went to Grindlewald after checking in, and this has to be on your list of places to visit! I definitely thought this was a highlight of the whole trip for me. We took the gondola up to Grindlewald first and did the cliff walk. This was seriously so cool! Sorry for the lack of whimsical wording—but “cool” is all I can think to describe this place. There’s zip lining, paragliding, alpine coasters, cliff walk, dirt scooters, and wild life (we saw a cute little fox and a bunch of mountain goats)!

If you haven’t seen the vlog from this adventure, click here!