Wynwood in Miami

Last weekend my husband and I decided to do something we never do– drive in Miami. Although we live close by and have lived in Florida for over 3 years, we haven’t done much sight seeing in south Florida. However we are going to be moving to an unknown location next year and we figured we should see Florida before leaving. SOOOOOO I’m starting a short series of one video a week of things to do in Florida. This is the first stop, to watch the video of what else we did this weekend, click here.


UPDATE: 8.23.2017

Check out my favorite sunglasses that I wore all around south beach and wynwood here and watch my husband and I throw them off a 9 story building here!


Wynwood is a popular spot in Florida famous for all the artwork scattered through the streets. There is a dedicated art walk thats free admission, but theres also plentyyyyy to see just by walking though the streets! There’s also plenty of good places to eat and shop. My husband ate at a place called ‘The Butcher Shop’ and I ordered the burger…ohh myyyy gosh! It was delicious! One of the top burgers I’ve had in a while–and I’m a burger-holic! My husband ordered the German sausage which was also really amazing–not to even mention the sweet potato fries! This place set the bar high when it comes to random burger joints.

Here’s some more pictures from this past weekend! Be sure to subscribe to my channel here to not miss out on future Florida videos!

***P.S    going on a safari this next weekend! 😳



  1. kiepper
    July 1, 2017 / 11:13 pm

    Wow Florida has a colorful art community! Thank you Jennifer.

    • July 19, 2017 / 12:28 pm

      Thank YOU for stopping by and checking out my post!