Zermatt in May

My husband and I went to Zermatt back in May so this is a super late post! I honestly just forgot about it! We spent 3 days here in the off-season and we stayed at the Hotel Bijou with a huge balcony, unobstructed view of the Matterhorn and all for a great price! We took the train up to Gornergrat for this view (photos above). Tickets are cheaper past 4PM but the sun isn’t best for photos.

The next day we were planning on going skiing (late in the season but still available).

  1. Only a few rental places are still open and the prices are NOT cheap!
  2. There was one normal trail open and the bunny slope.
  3. It is NOT cheaper than high season… still have to rent things, pay for the ski lift, and then pay for the trail pass. All in all if my husband and I went through with it, we would have had to pay roughly $600 for the two of us.

We didn’t think it would be worth it at the price and the lack of trails open.

We still took the ski lift up to Glacier Paradise however which was a nice view… but honestly it was still expensive and I prefer the view from Gornergrat!

Our third day we spent walking around the town of Zermatt about 20 times. We went during the shoulder season because the prices were going to be cheaper, but I wish we would have gone at the prime time in the winter. There was a LOT of construction going on so it wasn’t as picturesque as I had hoped, sooo many stores and restaurants were closed for the off-season, and it wasn’t great weather. The snow was still melting so the hiking trails were muddy and the ski trails were like slush.

We still had a great time– but seeing the Matterhorn and spending time in Zermatt was so high on my husbands bucket list that he was disappointed. If you reallllly want to experience Zermatt, spend a little more and go when the time is right. We plan on returning in the middle of winter to get a better experience with the skiing and atmosphere.